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  • Rubber Spout

    Rubber Spout

    These fuss-free rubber spouts fit in place of a cork and offer an easy solution to catching drips and controlling flow rate.  Fits 200 mL, 375 mL, and 750 mL bottles.

  • Weighted Spouts

    Weighted Spouts

    Our beautiful weighted pour spouts are a wonderful compliment to any of our olive oils or vinegars. They help keep your product fresh and allow an easily controlled, drip-free drizzle. Tapered rubber collar design fits...

  • Orchid

    Kati Cup

    Steep loose tea perfectly every time with these beautifully designed personal teacups. Insulated double-wall design keeps tea hot. Includes integrated stainless steel infuser designed specifically to deliver the perfect cup...

  • Perfect Teapot

    Perfect Teapot

    These charming white teapots brew the perfect amount of tea for any occasion! Brew a couple of cups for yourself, or share with a friend. Sold seperately. Does not include an infuser.

  • IngenuiTEA Infuser

    IngenuiTEA Infuser

    This teapot's ingenious design makes brewing gourmet teas as simple as using a bag. And its clear walls provide visual confirmation of the vast difference in quality between gourmet and ordinary teas. . Made of food-grade...

  • Tong Tea Infuser

    Tong Tea Infuser

    This tong tea infuser is the perfect size for making a single cup of tea.

  • The Perfect Tea Spoon

    The Perfect Tea Spoon

    This convenient little spoon will measure a perfect cup of perfect tea. 

  • Matcha Whisk & Scoop

    Matcha Whisk & Scoop

    Handheld bamboo Chasen tea whisk and Chashaku hooked scoop for preparing matcha. Available as a set only.

  • The Perfect Matcha Spoon

    The Perfect Matcha Spoon

    This useful tool will help you measure the perfect amount of matcha every time.

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