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  • Hinged Spout

    Hinged Spout

    Our hinged spouts make any of our oils and vinegars easy to grab and pour over any dish! Just tilt the bottle and the spout will flip open. Tapered rubber collar design fits 200 mL, 375 mL, and 750 mL bottles.

  • Weighted Spouts

    Weighted Spouts

    Our beautiful weighted pour spouts are a wonderful compliment to any of our olive oils or vinegars. They help keep your product fresh and allow an easily controlled, drip-free drizzle. Tapered rubber collar design fits...

  • IngenuiTEA Infuser

    IngenuiTEA Infuser

    This teapot's ingenious design makes brewing gourmet teas as simple as using a bag. And its clear walls provide visual confirmation of the vast difference in quality between gourmet and ordinary teas. . Made of food-grade...

  • Tong Tea Infuser

    Tong Tea Infuser

    This tong tea infuser is the perfect size for making a single cup of tea.

  • The Perfect Tea Spoon

    The Perfect Tea Spoon

    This convenient little spoon will measure a perfect cup of perfect tea. 

  • Matcha Whisk & Scoop

    Matcha Whisk & Scoop

    Handheld bamboo Chasen tea whisk and Chashaku hooked scoop for preparing matcha. Available as a set only.

  • The Perfect Matcha Spoon

    The Perfect Matcha Spoon

    This useful tool will help you measure the perfect amount of matcha every time.

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