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Strapatsada (Greek Scrambled Eggs)

Posted by The Unlikely Baker on


1-2 Tbsp. Teaoli Extra Virgin Olive Oil (BasilButter, Chipotle, Cilantro & Roasted OnionGarlicGreen ChiliHerbs de ProvenceOlive Wood SmokedTuscanWild Mushroom & SageWild Rosemary, or any Varietal)
1 large sweet yellow onion, finely chopped (1½-2 cups)
6 medium tomatoes, diced (or canned diced, including juice)
1 tsp. granulated sugar
6 large eggs, beaten well
3 oz. feta cheese, crumbled
Salt & pepper, to taste


1. Drizzle olive oil into a skillet. Add chopped onions and cook on medium high heat until soft and transluscent.

2. Add diced tomatoes, including liquid, and sugar. If tomatoes aren't very juicy, add ¼ cup water. Allow to boil for 15-20 minutes or until all liquid is gone and the mixture is well caramelized. 

3.Meanwhile, season eggs with salt and pepper. Switch to low heat and pour the eggs into the caramelized onions and tomatoes. Stir continuously so that eggs incorporate into the onions and tomatoes well.

4. Once cooked, eggs should still be juicy and not dry. Remove from heat, add cheese, and stir until combined.

5. Serve on toast or in a wrap!

Recipe adapted from The Unlikely Baker.

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