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Herbal Teas

  • Cloud Catcher Herbal Tea

    Cloud Catcher Herbal Tea

    A sunny blend enhanced with juicy cranberry, coconut flakes, dried kiwi, cherry, and apple pieces. This tea is sure to brighten your day. Brewing Instructions: 10-12 minutes, 198-212° F...

  • Mango & Friends Herbal Tea

    Mango & Friends Herbal Tea

    Extra large flakes and cubes of juicy exotic fruits form the base fruit blend while strawberries, safflower and marigold blossoms lend natural sweetness to this tea. Brewing Instructions: 10-12 minutes, 198-212° F...

  • Pretty in Pink Herbal Tea

    Pretty in Pink Herbal Tea

    Smooth and bright with both floral and fruity undertones, this tea delights the senses and has many health benefits. It contains apple (lowers cholesterol and boost immunity), rosehips (high in vitamin C and antioxidants),...

  • Raspberry Herbal

    Raspberry Herbal

    This caffeine-free herbal tea has red hibiscus, rose hips, and green raspberry leaves. Makes a strong, fruity cup and is very flavorful for an iced tea. Brewing Instructions: 5 minutes, 212° F.

  • Yoga Herbal Tea

    Yoga Herbal Tea

    This rejuvenating and relaxing herbal blend includes cinnamon pieces, ginger bits, cloves, stinging nettle leaves, white peppercorns, and cardamom seeds. Brewing Instructions: 5-10 minutes, 176° F...

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