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Specialty Items

  • 4-Blend Shakers Include Rosa Maria Blend, Tuscany Blend, Parmesan Blend, and Sicilian Blend

    Bread Dipping Seasonings

    Four mouthwatering spice blends to add a kick of flavor to your bread dips, pastas, salads, and more!  Buy either size of the variety shaker to try them all, or choose a 1.8 oz. container of your favorite blend to...

  • Chesapeake Bay Seasoning Sea Shell Pasta

    Chesapeake Bay Seasoning Sea Shell Pasta

    Based on the classic seafood seasoning mix of the Chesapeake region, this pasta is slightly spicy, smoky, and sweet. It pairs perfectly with shrimp or fish, cheese, corn, and bright pasta salads! Your family is sure to love...

  • Cream Caramel Rock Sugar

    Cream Caramel Rock Sugar

    Net Weight 2 oz. Our naturally flavored rock sugars make an extra special addition to your beverages. Just add a couple of pieces to the beverage of your choice, stir, and indulge! Ingredients: rock sugar, caramel, natural...

  • Gluten-Free Spinach Garlic Rooster Comb Pasta

    Gluten-Free Spinach Garlic Rooster Comb Pasta

    This pasta is packed with the flavors of spinach and garlic, two of the most powerful antioxidants! Perfect for those with gluten sensitivity or lovers of pasta with interesting shapes, the texture is not particularly...

  • Italian Pesto Blend Pasta

    Italian Pesto Blend Pasta

    This blend creates the perfect Italian variety dish when tossed with spring vegetables, a hint of olive oil, and seasonings to taste. Very simple, and a true Italian specialty. Flavors: Basil Gemelli, Cracked Pepper...

  • Trumpet Herb Blend Pasta

    Trumpet Herb Blend Pasta

    This blend was created to accent some of the tastiest herbs of summer. We think you’ll agree that this blend is not only distinctly one of a kind, but also one of the freshest tasting pastas you’ll ever eat!...

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