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  • Cupid's Arrow Tea Infuser

    Cupid's Arrow Tea Infuser

    Leave it to love to brew the perfect cup of tea! Rubber arrow tip and fletching protect mugs from scratches, while the double-heart infuser allows enough room for even white teas to expand.  Dimensions: 7"x2"x1". Clasp...

  • Deep Sea Diver Tea Infuser

    Deep Sea Diver Tea Infuser

    Make every cup of tea an adventure with this unique infuser! Stainless steel body with hinge joint and snap closure, rubber flashlight and floatation device charms. Includes life raft rest to prevent drips. Dimensions of...

  • Heart Drop Tea Infuser

    Heart Drop Tea Infuser

    This charming tea accessory is the perfect size for a single cup of tea! Snap hinge closure ensures a tight seal. Makes an adorable package tie-on for gifts! Dimensions: 2" mesh sphere with 5" chain and 1" heart charm...

  • IngenuiTEA 2 Teapot

    IngenuiTEA 2 Teapot

    The most convenient teapot you will find anywhere.. we guarantee it! When tea is ready, simply place it atop your cup. This will cause a valve at the bottom to release: crystal-clear tea flows down, while the mesh filter...

  • 2 Cup (Left) and 6 Cup (Right) Price & Kensington Teapots in Matte Cream. Also pictured: Glass Apothecary Tea Bottle, Perfect Pot of Tea Measuring Scoop, Wilkon & Sons Mini Pots of Lemon Curd and Apricot Jam.

    Price & Kensington Teapots

    Available in two and six-cup sizes, these classic teapots are known for their heat retaining qualities and for superiority of flavor. In the 1800s, Stoke-on-Trent became the heartbeat of British pottery districts. Ceramic...

  • Shamrock Tea Strainer

    Shamrock Tea Strainer

    This stainless steel tea strainer is the perfect way to make a traditional cup of tea! Add a scoop of your favorite flavor directly to your teapot, allow to steep while it swirls around the pot, then place the strainer over...

  • Stainless Steel Mesh Tea Filter

    Stainless Steel Mesh Tea Filter

    Staff Favorite! These high-quality, finely woven stainless steel mesh filters give your tea ample room to develop ideally, releasing the full flavor profile in each cup, while reducing escaped sediment. Included lid makes...

  • Tea Pockets (Box of 50)

    Tea Pockets (Box of 50)

    Make your own teabags with these drawstring paper pockets! Just scoop in the desired amount of tea leaves, steep, and discard!  

  • Telephone Call Tea Infuser

    Telephone Call Tea Infuser

    This charming infuser is designed to make a great cup of tea with the perfect amount of whimsy. Stainless steel body with hinge joint and snap closure, rubber handset fits onto top of infuser when not in use. Includes phone...

  • U-Handled Cafe Spoon

    U-Handled Cafe Spoon

    This spoon features an eye-catching dip design perfect for resting on the edge of your teacup! Use it to stir your favorite beverage without losing a single drop or making a mess.

  • Tong Tea Infuser

    Tong Tea Infuser

    Stainless steel tong infuser design perfect for making a single cup of tea! Punched filter design reduces sediment in each cup. Dimensions: 7.5" length, 1.5" across, 1" deep.

  • The Perfect Tea Spoon

    The Perfect Tea Spoon

    This convenient little spoon will measure a perfect cup of perfect tea. 

  • Matcha Whisk & Scoop

    Matcha Whisk & Scoop

    Handheld bamboo Chasen tea whisk and Chashaku hooked scoop for preparing matcha. Available as a set only.

  • The Perfect Matcha Spoon

    The Perfect Matcha Spoon

    This useful tool will help you measure the perfect amount of matcha every time.

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